Cool Artistic Apparel: Leaking Brain Trauma Collection to Support Mental Health

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The first apparel design that I released is called the "Leaking Brain." With this design I wanted  to bring awareness to mental health during Covid-19. The leaking brain is supposed to represent the affect that trauma or mental illness has on the brain.The brain is leaking because it is damaged. It is also been a proven fact that the brain of people that suffer from depression or have gone through traumatic experience have more gray matter in their brain when compared to a healthy brain; hence the reason for part of the brain being grayed out. The red color is supposed to represent danger. 

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Best Shirts for Civil Engineers

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As a female majoring in Civil Engineering, I always like to represent my field so I can motivate and inspire other females. I remember receiving a hoodie that said "Engineer by day. Chef by night," and 3 years later, I still can't get enough of it. I felt like it accurately described both of my interests.I am passionate about engineering, but I also love cooking and baking. I think that was yet one of the best gift I received.  I don't feel like there is enough apparel and accessories out there that represent engineers and their hard work. So I...

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