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Cool Artistic Apparel: Leaking Brain Trauma Collection to Support Mental Health

The Leaking Brain

I promised myself that I would never make a TikTok account, but eventually ended up making one. While scrolling through my "for you" feed, I came across a DIY of pressing T-shirts. Never say never. Okay, okay, I learned my lesson. 

The video showed how to easy it was to heat press a T-shirts at home and it inspired me to put my own art on apparel and make it available to the public. I already had a small Arts and Crafts store on Etsy, but I was looking for ways to expand my inventory to bring in more sale. As a full-time student, I did not have a lot of funds to invest into a business.

Printing my art on quality T-shirts, leggings, sweatshirt, mugs, etc, worked for me because I could collab with print on demand companies and start right away without investing any money. And who doesn't love cool Tees?

The first apparel design that I released is called the "Leaking Brain." With this design I wanted  to bring awareness to mental health during Covid-19. The leaking/ dripping brain is supposed to represent the affect that trauma or mental illness has on the brain.The brain is leaking because it is damaged. It is also been a proven fact that the brain of people that suffer from depression or have gone through traumatic experience have more gray matter in their brain when compared to a healthy brain; hence the reason for part of the brain being grayed out. The red color is supposed to represent danger. 

Under the leaking brain, we see the word "TRAUMA." To get the rough distressed look, the letters were designed by hand with ink and a piece of paper and then digitized. 

There has always been a stigma round mental health. With this design I hope to bring awareness to mental health and break away the stigma by selling dope apparel. Now we can represent while still looking cool and drippy.